Koi Zen Cellars
April 12 6:00 PM

W3 Classes - Karma Toolkit

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Price: FREE Duration: 1 hr Group Size: 1 - 0 Guests

Karma Toolkit - learn how to use karma to improve your life and allow you to follow your dreams.

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Darius will be teaching a class on Karma (what it is, how to balance it, and use it)  in a few weeks during our Wine & Wellness Wednesdays but I thought this was a great complementary topic to the location grape topic above.

Karma means many things to many people but I want you to look at one small aspect of this fascinating topic and how it changes your life. We are all on a path in life and that path was defined by the choices we made in the past. There is a past path, a present path, and a future path. Of these three, we can only change the present one.

Realizing that our current station was caused by our previous choices, we can start to look at where we are at the moment. Many people don't know where they are and just blindly go with the flow. But let's look at two paths:

Path 1:  You are angry, defensive, hostile, run with the wrong crowd, take opposed to give and have little regard for others or the law.

Path 2: You are honorable, friendly, have upstanding friends, you give and contribute to a greater good and follow the norms of society.

Just like the grapes above, the same person could be on either of the paths above.


On which path do you think you would fight to survive and which one would you prosper?

The paths above are extreme, however you can easily see how even small steps on  a negative path can lead you away from your true potential. This is Karma and she can be a bitch.