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Red Wine Truffle Pairing Tasting Flight
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Red Wine Truffle Pairing Tasting Flight
Red Wine Truffle Pairing Tasting Flight

5 red wines paired with 4 Truffles from So Rich Chocolates. Mouthwatering pairs such as Malbec with Milk Cherry Truffle and Petite Sirah with Dark Chocolate infused with Grand Manier and Crystallized blood orange peel

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Do your wine tasting from home!  Sample 5 Koi Zen wines -Five Red (2 oz each - enough for 2 people to each sip), get pairing ideas and learn the Zen Steps to Wine Tasting each paired with 4 truffles from SO Rich Chocolates.  A local SD company. 

Wines: Pinot Noir, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Reserve Merlot Total 10 Ounces wine 2 glasses

Truffles: Dark Chambord  Raspberry,  Milk Cherry Truffle, Dark Blood  Orange Peel  Truffle, Dark Chocolate Salted Carmel.  Each truffle is 1 oz. One box is enough to share.