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The Zen Winemaker Paperback
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The Zen Winemaker Paperback
The Zen Winemaker Paperback
The Zen Winemaker Paperback
The Zen Winemaker Paperback

Author Signed Paperback Copy
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Last fall I wrote a self-help book called ‘The Zen Winemaker.’ It’s about Joe – ‘Average Joe.’ He hates his job and might be terminated due to a hostile takeover (sounds like COVID-19). Joe stumbles upon ‘The Zen Winemaker’ who shows Joe a new path - a path of opportunity and fulfillment rooted in ancient wisdom. The lessons he learns are based upon my studies, and the real-life experiences of myself and the thousands of people I have met at the winery. The book is fictional, easy reading but based completely upon reality.


If you enjoy wine and are interested in learning about wine and tips to improve yourself, this book might be right for you. The book is based upon the “Zen Steps of Winetasting” where you learn how to:

  • See – imagine the world through a new perspective
  • Swirl – to mix things up and explore endless possibilities
  • Smell – to fully engage the senses and sniff out opportunities
  • Sip – to completely absorb life and fully experience it
  • Savor – to swiftly move forward following your dreams and ambition.